Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 5th, Eclipse, "Keepin' It Real" - Woody was in today, put percussion on 2 tracks "Music Man" and "Let's Go Fishin".

April 5th, Dave at The Corner Bar - Not a lot of folks but we had a good time! Kruz did a good job. Afterwards I stopped by Oasis to see Henry and the Seahawks (Woody plays in the band). Got a chance to talk to Henry.  We are going to try to get together and do some writing someday soon.

April 6th, Dave at Sea Jay's - Always good to see Tommy and the gang!

April 7th, Dave at Wind Rose Cafe - I was on my own this road trip Theresa was in still in Virginia so I stayed at Mark and Nell's. I had a great time and got a chance to talk with Nell some at lunch on Sunday. It's always good to see my friend Howard!

April 8th, The Savannah (Tybee Edition) Songwriters Series at Doc's - I had the chance to play with some great singer/songwriters. Alan Stockard, Roy Stalnaker and the host Roy Swinedlle. Everyone did a great job.  It was well supported and well run! One of my favorite songwriters Jefferson Ross was in the house.  Boy, that will get your nerves going!

I had a nice week. I got to play some good gigs, hang out with some good songwriters, spent sometime in the studio and my wife got home from Virginia. Thanks for letting me live my dream! "Keepin' It Real" - David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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