Thursday, September 1, 2011

Monday, August 22nd, C & L Automotive - The Big Lonesome had a rehearsal for the upcoming Virginia trip.  What a great time!  We worked on another song Gregg wrote "To Tore Up to Tear Down".  It's another good one.  Wayne's new tune "Sweet River Girl" is also sounding great.  This is a trip I look forward to and I know the rest of the guys are excited also.  Lookout Virginia here we come.

Wednesday, August 24th, AM Eclipse - Worked on parts on a few tunes "Hopeless Romantic".  It's getting closer.  I think I will have The Big Lonesome do the background vocals, then hopefully I'll finally be able to finish this one up. and start on #3.

PM - Northstar @ The World Famous Oasis - Had a blast in the land of the 44 TV's.  Met a bunch of new people.  Booked some more dates.  Thanks Splash and staff!

Thursday, August 25th, Dave "solo" @ The Corner Bar - It wasn't packed but I had a great time!  Kruz did a great job!  Also had a singer-songwriter from Sarasota stop by (Gary).  He did one of his tunes Southern Comfort.  Sounded real good.  Thanks Nick and staff!

Friday, August 26th, Dave "solo" @ SeaJay's - Not too many people, but the ones that were there were on the deck with me.  Made some new friends!  Thanks Tommy and staff!

Saturday, August 27th, NorthStar @ Latitude 31 - We had special guest Frankie Urzetta from "The Big Lonesome" with Ed and I.  Nice evening, had a little breeze from "Irene".  Did some nice stuff through the evening.  Good job Ed and Frankie.  Thanks to the staff at Latitude 31!

Sunday, August 28th, Dave "solo" @ Zaharias - The weather was threatening, but had a nice crowd.  I really enjoy playing here and can't wait to play here as "NorthStar" with brother Ed on Monday, September 19th.  Thanks Angelica and staff!

I had a great week!  Got some more things done in the studio on "Hopeless Romantic".  Looking forward to Virginia with The Big Lonesome.  I was sorry to hear about Kitty, my heart goes out to her family!  Also my old friend Greg Smallwood from Virginia.  Life is over for them and they will be missed by me.  Live each day like it's your last and by all means find happiness.  Thanks for letting me live my dream.  Keepin' It Real -David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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