Sunday, March 6, 2011

Monday 2/28 The Hacker's - Had a great Monday!  Everyone seemed like they were having fun.  That makes for a good evening.  Robin and Lisa sat in, they both sounded great.  Denny also sat in on guitar, good job man.  See you guys next month.

Tuesday 3/1 The Big Lonesome - Worked on Dark Haired Lady and a new song Kruz came up with, "The Big Lonesome".  Ed, Kristen and myself had lunch and headed for Captain Stan's.  He was doubled booked so we bowed out of it, the temperature was steadily dropping and looked like it was going to be a cold night.  We stayed for a few minutes to listen to the first part of the act.  She sang good, I did not get her name.

Thursday 3/3 Eclipse - In the studio today to mix "Goodbye Danny" for the new CD "Hopeless Romantic".

PM - The Corner Bar - Had a weird start.  My PA system was making some funky sound.  A couple of sharp raps later it was working fine.  Steve Beck said he had the same problem and fixed it the same way.  Todd (friend and musician from VA) stopped by, he's going come by and play a couple of songs with Ed and I at Finnegan's Wake this weekend.  Thanks Kruz for your music.  I had a good time tonight.

Friday 3/4 NORTHSTAR @ Finnegan's Wake - It was a fun night.  Frankie stopped in and played most of the night.  He sounded great.  Carla from Virginia stopped by with Jay and Trent.  It was great seeing our Virginia friend (Coles Point Tavern).  We will be seeing her again in April with The Big Lonesome. Ed, it was a pleasure.  Thanks everybody for hanging out with us.

Saturday 3/5 NORTHSTAR @ Finnegan's Wake - Worked on a couple of new tunes with Ed at the house earlier today "Tell It To Me" and "Midnight Blue".  Also worked on our schedule.  Looks like were real busy for awhile.  Thanks for your support!  Another great night at Finnegan's Wake!  It's a special place and we are having a blast with NORTHSTAR and I'm having a great time solo.  "The Big Lonesome" is doing a couple of shows here (3/23 and 4/13).  Thanks to the great staff and all the folks that come and see us here.

It's going to be real busy the next couple of months and I'm ready for it.  Expect a lot of new music coming out.  This is the best of times!!!  Thanks for all the support, I would let you down.  Keepin' It Real - David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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