Friday, September 10, 2010

8-30 Hurricane Patty's, The Hackers - Had a great gig. Thanks for coming out everyone! See you next month!

8-31 Hurricane Patty's, Those Guys - Sometimes when we have a big Hackers night the next night with Those Guys suffers. It was a pretty good night, the highlight was Ron Norris sitting in and doing some of his own music. Good stuff Ron!

9/1-9/2 No gigs, getting ready for Virginia trip. Thursday night, after Ed's gig on Jekyll with the WharfRatz we left for Virginia.

9/3 Coles Point Tavern, NorthStar - What a great gig! Frankie from Those Guys sat in on percussion, sounded great! Rumor has it that we will be seeing him in October! Ed flew back to Jekyll early Saturday. Thanks for being there Pickett!

9/4 & 9/5 Coles Point Tavern, Those Guys - We had a great weekend. Randy and Scott wanted to know what I wanted to do about future gigs. I told them it was up to Those Guys, if they want to join me and Ed? The April 22-23 gig will be Those Guys with NorthStar. It should be a lot of fun! Scott and CMO sat in on drums. Good job guys!

In closing, I can't thank Randy, Scott and Carla enough. You really take care of us and we appreciate it! It was great to see Donna and Bill (Shadow Mountain Music, my Nashville bosses). Looking forward to seeing you all in October. I would also like to thank all the family for showing up. I miss you guys and love you very much!!! "Keepin' It Real" -David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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