Wednesday, August 19, 2020

July 20th, Retrophonics Studios - Frankie was laying down some drum tracks today. Jim was having some trouble with the system but we forged on. Frankie put drum tracks on "Come On", "Telephone Lighting" and "My Tractor". He'll be back next week, he is doing a great job.

July 21st, A DAY OFF - I worked on some of my equipment and painted.

July 22nd,  Carpetbaggers (DAVE and Sue) - It rained like crazy buy we were still able to do our show, we just moved to a little higher ground. See you guys next week!

July 23rd, Carpetbaggers at Bagan and Company "LIVE" - The show went great! We made a few changes in the arrangements of a couple tunes that I got a little off track on. But, other than that everyone else played and sang great. Dan, Clay, Wayne and Theresa did wonderful, it was a lot of fun as always. See you next week!

July 24th, DAVE at Aunt Kate's - Earlier in the day Brady Green dropped off a Eddie's banjo so Tony can start working on two Banjo tracks he's going to play on the new CD "My Tractor" and "Come On". Sue played me a rough idea of what she plans to do on "Dust Them Blinds" I can wait to hear it mixed in with everyone. The gig was hot but there's not a better place to play than Aunt Kate's on the porch by the water! I'll be there again next week  on Friday 5-8pm and Sunday 2-5pm. Come check it out!

July 25th, Carpetbaggers DAVE, Sue and Frankie at Creekside - What a night! The place was packed (mostly our friends it seemed) and it didn't rain! I always enjoy playing music with my Carpetbagger friends. I think we might be back next Saturday at least Frankie and I. Thanks to all the nice folks that came out to see us and all the great folks working there. You all made it a special night.

I'm looking forward to Retrophonics Studio with Frankie laying down some more drum tracks. We are getting closer and closer everyday to completing our 2nd CD "Back Again". Also looking forward to our "LIVE" show Thursday 7 to 8pm at Bagan and Company Live on Facebook. Please check it out . Dan and I are still working on "Live and a Little Touched" another Video and CD release. One of the songs "Midnight Blue" will be released soon. Keepin' It Real! -David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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