Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tuesday, Nov 2, Eclipse - In the studio with Woody working on "Love's Strange", a song Chis McVey and I wrote. So cool....

Wednesday, Nov 3, Oasis, NorthStar - The night went real well. Had a great time playing with Eddie. We'll be working in Georgia this weekend. Talking with Splash about future dates. We'll keep you posted, stay tuned here for details (or find us on

Thursday, Nov 4, in the AM, Eclipse - Ed and the Wood Man (Woody Pernell) puts some tracks on NorthStar's new Christmas song "Jesus and Me". We're so happy to be apart of the project. I hope it helps to make Christmas better for those in need.

PM "Just Dave" Mango Mangos(US 1 South) - Had a good night, the weather was really crappy. Suprised by some new faces and grateful to see some familiar faces on such a dismal night. That's how it starts, thanks for supporting by my music!!!

Friday, Nov 5, Latitude 31, "NorthStar" It was cold as hell!!!! There was a bunch of folks that braved it to see us. We made some new friends, man it was cold though.

Saturday, Nov 6, Capt Stan's "NorthStar"- Didn't think it could get much colder (but, it did). In the past year, the coldest gig I ever played was here at Capt. Stans. This was the second one. We had a blast though, oyster shooters, a good meal, great people. How can you go wrong!!!

I have a few days off (needed). I think we will check out the Chowder Debate today. I have a couple of new ideas for songs I hope to work on. Get some things done around the house. Looking forward to seeing everyone next week. Keepin' It Real - David

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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