Monday, May 17, 2010

5-9 Sunday - Eclipse Recording Company - Worked with Dan to get my promo shot done. I'm using it for this new blog and starting on the design for solo CD #2.

5-10 Monday - Fernandina Beach - NSAI songwriters get together. Had a good time, wrote and performed a new song "My Chevrolet".

5-11 Tuesday - Hurricane Patty's w/ Those Guys - Our regular Tuesday night gig. It was a great night! Ron Norris sat in. Great job, Ron!

5-12 Wednesday - Oasis - It was suppose to be North Star (myself and Ed), Ed's alternater gave out. He almost made it back home, but could not make the gig at Oasis. I was on my own. Had a great time, missed Ed though.

5-13 Thursday - Oasis w/ Those Guys - Great night, played a little late! Wayen Johnston sat in, he kicked butt. What a nice guy and a nice player. I'm proud to have him on my next solo CD.

5-14 Friday - The Clover Room @ Finnegans Wake w/ Those Guys - A new music venue. The night went pretty good. We would like to thank the folks that stopped by to support us. These are great people and they have a great room. Stop by and check it out! Wayne Johnston and Chris McVey sat in. What a fun night!

5-15 Saturday - Lagerheads w/ Those Guys - Great place! Looking forward to our next trip! Great people, great time!

5-16 Sunday - JT's Seafood Shack - Great gig. It's been a long week......

5-17 Monday - Day off. Pay bills, write some music, work in the yard if it stops raining, maybe Sushi for dinner and just relax.

It was a great week overall. A couple of new clubs, made some new friends, got to play with great people and got a lot done on my other projects. Life is good!!!

see you down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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